2019 Whistler Volleyball Camp

coaching staff announced!

On -court training

18+ HOURS of training led by TOP COACHES in Canada

Learn TECHNIQUES being used by TODAY'S best players

Transfer new skill habits to GAME PLAY, EVERYDAY

EVERY session led by a PROFESSIONAL or USPORT coach!

ASST. COACHES: current/alumni CIS/Nat'l Team athletes

EXTRAS: video analysis, physical training & more


RAFT the Green River with The Adventure Group

PADDLE BOARD, canoe& kayak with Whistler Eco Tours

Take part in a recovery YOGA class 

HIKE the trails through local forests

Improve LEADERSHIP and TEAM WORK skills

EXPLORE the town of Whistler!

2019  PRICES 



Females 12-18 
(Overnight or Day Camp) 
Males 12-14 (Day Only)

Recreation Options:

Whitewater Rafting
Paddle Boarding

 2019  DAY Pricing:

w/ Yoga: 698.75 +GST
w/ Paddle: 768.75+GST
w/Raft: 808.75+GST


w/Yoga: 1060+GST
w/ Paddle: 1130+GST
w/ Raft: 1170+GST

Please note:  A credit card processing fee and online registration fee are added to the registration total at check out. These are non-refundable fees collected by a third party for use of services and are not collected by Abstract Volleyball. 

2019 Coaches



2019 Lead COACH

Julie Young

2019 Assistant  Coach
Former: MRU Assistant coach (USPORT)  
Team Canada LIbero 
Athlete, European PRofessional League

Chris Dahl

2019 Assistant Coach
Former head coach Camosun Chargers/Youth National Team & Team BC


2019 Guest Coach
2018 USPORT National champion head coach (UBC)
/ Volleyball Canada
Sport Science DPt.




take part in a scavenger hunt &Explore whistler village 

Camp Details



For all athletes both day and overnight, this camp includes:

  • 18+ hours of on court training led by professional coaching staff and elite guest coaches 
  • A full day of camp related activities, 9am - 9pm
  • Daily Tournaments for transfer of skill work into game scenarios - essential to effective mastery of skills worked on in the morning sessions. 
  • Positional training
  • Guest coach sessions run by University/professional coaches
  • Leadership training 
  • Scavenger hunt activity and time to explore Whistler Village (includes Transportation to from camp location) 
  • Fun games and prizes throughout the camp
  • Recreation activity day: Takes place on Wednesday of camp. See below for explanation.

Athletes choose one of these three great Recreation Day options (selected and paid for at online registration):

Yoga Workshop:
Includes 1.5 hour workshop style session and recovery flow with certified instructor at Whistler Athlete's Centre.

Paddle Experience:  *Note: This years option differs from last years please read carefully*
Includes 1 hour Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) instruction/guided paddle with Whistler Eco Tours
1 hour self directed kayak/canoe use (optional)
Includes transportation and all gear rental fees. 

Rafting Experience *Note: This years option differs from last years*
Includes 1-1.5 hour guided rafting trip on the Green River near Whistler (Class 2-3 rapids) with The Adventure Group 
Includes transportation and all gear rentals. 

Training Location:

Training takes place at Spring Creek Community School and Bayly Park at Cheakamus Crossing. Athlete's should be prepared for indoor, grass AND beach volleyball sessions!

Training Schedule: 

Athletes should be prepared for the following (but not limited to):

  • Morning: indoor & Grass training at Spring Creek School
  • Afternoon: Training and other fun activities at various locations (will be communicated on schedule provided in information packages)
  • Evening: Grass & Beach tournament play at Bayley Park (across from Athlete's Centre)

Spring Creek School (Indoor & Grass Training)

Bayley Park (Grass & Beach Training)



Athletes will sleep at the Whistler Athlete's Centre, built for the 2010 Winter Olympic Athletes and remains a high performance training hub.

  • 2 athletes per room (roommates can be chosen at check in)
  • Single beds, bedding, pillows, towel provided
  • 1 bathroom/shower per 4 athletes. 
  • Room clean up services provided.


Athletes will receive three catered meals per day from on site registered nutritionist. 

  • Hot and cold breakfast items
  • Bagged lunch to go (assorted Sandwiches, pasta, wraps, with healthy snacks.
  • Hot dinner 


Athletes will transport on foot from the Athletes Centre to  Spring Creek School and back each morning. It is a beautiful 15 minute walk. Athletes are encouraged to bring a bike, helmet and decent lock if they wish. There is secure bike storage on site. 

Evening Activities:

At the end of the day after showers, athletes will participate in organized evenings activities before bed.

Other Notes:

Athletes are encouraged to bring non-perishable nut free snacks with them to camp. Fridges not provided. 


Day camp does not include accommodations or meals.

There are a number accommodation and meal options available in the area. Meal time is unsupervised for day camp athletes unless chosen to stay with the group.

  • Athletes can sign out at meal times unsupervised
  • Athletes can remain with the group with own food.
  • Meals must be peanut free
  • Supervision provided for athletes joining the group.

Meal notes:

Athletes are welcome to bring their own lunches and dinners and eat/spend break times with the group. Microwaves are provided, however fridge space is not.
A pizza dinner is provided for all athletes day and overnight on Wednesday evening. This is included in camp fee but is optional. 


Athletes are responsible for their own transportation to and from camp. Transportation during camp time is provided.If your athlete will be spending breaks with the group they will be required to travel with the group. This requires travel on foot or via bike (See overnight section)

Evening Activities:

Day camp does not include evening activities. Athlete sign out is required after the wrap up of the evening session.

Other Notes:

Athletes are encouraged to bring non-perishable nut free snacks with them to camp. Fridges not provided. 

Pre Camp Information:
Schedule and packing list will be emailed to each participant approximately 2 -3 weeks  before the camp start date.

Sample Schedule: Please note this IS NOT the camp schedule and is not to be used as reference during the camp. This is provided to give you an idea of what the schedule MAY look like. 



Please be sure you understand the policy before contacting us regarding refunds as this policy is firm.

June 14, 2019 - Full camp fee refund minus online registration system fees for requests submitted before 12pm on June 14.

June 14- July 21 (12pm) - Refunds offered are minus online registration system fees and $20 admin fee providing your athlete's spot in the camp can be filled. While we will attempt to fill your spot with an athlete on our waitlist, we cannot guarantee we will be able to do so.

After July 21- We are unable to provide refunds for cancellation requests inside this time frame. All expenses are incurred and it is very unlikely we are able to fill your spot.

Please read and understand the below explanation of our policies:

 This camp operates at capacity for an ideal training group size. This group size ensures that each athlete receives individual coaching from our lead coaches, while also ensuring a big enough group to create a great experience off court. After June 1 all expenses are incurred to hold an athletes position in the camp and individuals on the waiting list have made alternate plans, meaning cancelled spots remain unfilled and the camp structure compromised.
Exception: if there is a significant injury that occurs prior to camp. In this case a Doctors note will be required and eligible athletes may receive a prorated refund based on expenses already incurred. This is NOT guaranteed and depends on a number of factors. Registration is made at your own risk knowing this information. Please contact us immediately to find out about your options*  

2019 Whistler Volleyball Camp Details

August 11-15, 2019

50% FULL!

Overnight and Day camp options for Females 12-18 yrs

Day camp for males 12-14 yrs

 Whistler Athlete's Centre, Whister BC