Private Training:  Vancouver

Small Group Training Sessions (SGTS)


3-6 athletes practise in a private training group with coach Jesse Knight (18+ years experience incl. NCAA/CIS/Team Canada/European Professional League)

Each session is one hour in length and takes place on a single date. There are multiple sessions per schedule, Athletes can register for as many as they like. 

Dates:  See schedule to the right

Cost: $55+GST
Location: Harry Jerome Sports Centre (Volleyball BC)

Athletes: Females 12-18 with previous club volleyball experience. 

Register early to reserve your spot!

Session Descriptions: Read below to find out about what each session may entail (but is not limited to..)

All sessions are open to 12-18 years unless otherwise noted. These sessions are not recommended for athletes who are brand new to the game and have not yet completed atleast 1 year of club volleyball. 

Hitting: Focuses on Arm swing technique /Jump mechanics, proper timing

Advanced Hitting: Proper arm swing, footwork and timing to hit faster sets and sets off of the net. (For advanced athletes 14-18 years)

Serve & Pass: Focuses on proper passing angles, footwork,  & float serve technique

Advanced Serve & Pass: Advanced information and techniques for effective passing and serving of a tough float.
(For advanced athletes ages 14-18)

Advanced Serving: Focuses on techniques to serve a proper and effective jump float. 

Advanced Passing: Advanced information and techniques for effective passing a tough float serve (ideal for liberos and primary passers) (For advanced athletes ages 14-18)

Non-Setter Setting: Setting technique for athletes who are not setters by position. 

Back Row Defence: Proper arm work, footwork and eye sequence to create quality digs.

Spring Break 2019 Training Schedule

Spring Break Training Schedule:

Monday March 25 - TBD
*This date is currently awaiting confirmation and will be added at a later date if possible.

 Hitting (12-18yrs), 12pm-1pm
 Serve & Pass (12-18yrs), 1pm-2pm
Non-Setter Setting (12-18yrs)  2pm-3pm

Tuesday March 26 

Session #1 Hitting (12-18yrs) 12pm-1pm (FULL)
Session #2 Serve & Pass (12-18yrs), 1pm-2pm (FULL)
Session #3 Back Row Defence (12-18yrs), 2pm-3pm (FULL)

Wednesday March 27- Now Open For Registration

Session #10 Hitting 12pm-1pm (4 spots)
Session #11 Serve & Pass  1pm-2pm (2 spots)
Session # 12 Setters Only (By position) 2pm-3pm (3 spots) 

Thursday March 28  

Session #4 Advanced Hitting (14-18yrs) 12pm-1pm (FULL)
Session #5 Advanced Passing (14-18yrs) 1pm-2pm (FULL)
Session #6 Advanced Serving (Float & Jump Float- 14-18yrs) 2pm-3pm (FULL)

 Refund policy: Small Group Training Sessions are non refundable due to the group size. This policy also applies to injury or illness. A credit may be offered in lieu of a refund. Please contact Abstract Volleyball directly if cancellation is necessary. NOTE: Credits may not be offered for cancellations within 48 hours.