Club Prep Strength &Skill Sessions

WHY this time of year is  important

As coaches we have identified December and January as the one time a year that athletes can make major gains both technically and physically over the course of a whole year. The problem is that usually we move right from High school season, into club season and then right into beach season or provincial team commitments.

It is difficult to make gains when the pressure of competition pulls us back to old habits or fatigue. Like I said to those of you who attended the info meeting in November, the most productive season in the NCAA is the spring season when athletes can focus on developing new habits and physical strength without competitions to distract them.

Program details


Athletes in grade 10 or 11:

If you are serious about achieving your volleyball goals, regardless of the club you intend to play for, this program is mandatory for your development.

Those who intend to play for Wave, this program is mandatory for consideration.

Grade 12 athletes:

this program is strongly recommended if you wish to play for Wave, but it is optional as we understand the demands of the academic load you are trying to balance.

Program Dates:

December 10- January 31 

Cost: $170 +GST

Weekly schedule: Specific days/times are TBA based on # of athletes, but each week will include the following:

  • 3 physical workouts with Chris Berglund after school
  • 1 skill session with Jesse Knight before school 

Once we know our final number of participants for this program we will announce schedule and locations.

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