Abstract Volleyball Camps 

why attend an abstract camp?

We are dedicated to providing EVERY athlete at EVERY level with professional coaching that reflects the skills being used at the highest levels of TODAYS game. 

Our goal is to provide a fun and positive training environment. 

Every session is run by a professional coach and assistant coaches are CIS, NCAA, and Team Canada players and Alumni.

Abstract Volleyball has had a role in the development of some of Canada's best volleyball players in TODAYS game. 

If your athlete is serious about getting to work on their game through high performance technical skill training, Abstract camps are where it's at. 


Abstract Volleyball summer camps focus on teaching the individual athlete the tools to reach their own personal potential. 

Summer camps are not about who is playing beside you, but about the information being received and the individual's drive to improve their own skills. We do not guarantee the strength of the athlete playing next to you, but instead we guarantee the level of information being received. 

At each camp we provide the following:

a) Professional coaching and positive high energy training environment 

b) Direction on skills development and game play 

c) Opportunities to apply skills to game play situations in drills and tournaments 

d) An off the charts fun camp experience


Abstract Volleyball camps are led by coaches who are trained to deliver high performance technical information. We teach a progressive style of volleyball that is used by some of the best players in the world.  Camps are about individual technical development, not the level of the athlete playing next to you. If you are looking for the TOOLS to help you achieve your FULL POTENTIAL through receiving high performance technical information, then Abstract Camps are for you. Please educate yourself on the type of experience we offer by reading through the available information before registering.