ClubTeam Training Camps

what it is

Team training camps are an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming season or playoffs by 

a) brushing up on technique and skill work

b) implement and fine tune game play systems

c) beginning to build team cohesion 

how it works

Coach Jesse Knight will come to your town and run a team training camp designed especially for your team, with your coach using information that meets your team needs. 

Each training camp is customized for your team. 

See below for more details.

team requirements

Teams must provide the following:

1-3 teams (confirmed by team/club)
* Minimum 12 athletes. Each team can have thier own time slot, or up to 2 teams can train together on 2 courts, more teams bring down price per participant*

1-2 courts with net system(s) (supplied by team/club)
*based on how many teams per training time slot*

12-24 balls (supplied by team/club)
*based on how many teams per training time slot*

Coach/supervisor available for all sessions
This person will be responsible for collecting waivers and aiding in check in on the first day. 
*We prefer the head/asst coach of each team be available for all their team's sessions*


Please inquire with a date in mind.

Dates are first come first serve, must have minimum 24 (2 teams) confirmed to reserve a date. 

how to reserve

1) contact us with the following:

The date you would like to reserve, 
number of teams/athletes 
number of hours of training you would like over one weekend

Once this has been provided we will provide a quote for your camp.

2) Confirm a minimum of 24 athletes that will be attending. (Requires deposit to hold dates)

Each camp is customized to your team's needs, therefore the above information is required before we will provide a quote or confirm a date. 

We require teams/clubs to pay the full amount via credit card or cheque on behalf of the participants.