Private Training:Calgary

Small Group Training Sessions (SGTS)

What is STGS?

A small group of 6 athletes practise in a private training group with coach Julie Young (Current asst. coach Mount Royal University Womens Volleyball Program, Former 6 year member Team Canada as Libero, and professional athlete in Finland and Germany).

Each session is one hour in length and takes place on a single date. There are multiple sessions per schedule, athletes can register for as many as they like.

Sessions are for female athletes 12-18 years. Previous club experience highly recomended. 

Sessions do fill quickly, register today!

December small groups

Location: The Volleydome, Calgary
Price: 40+ GST

Schedule is as follows:

Friday Dec 22 
Session 9 12:30- 1:30pm Arm Swing  *FULL*
Session 10 1:30- 2:30pm Serve & Pass *FULL*
Session 11 2:30- 3:30pm Defence *FULL*
Session 12 3:30 - 4:30pm Advanced Attack *FULL*

Thursday Dec 28 
Session 13 9-10am Arm Swing *FULL*
Session 14 10-11am Serve & Pass *FULL*
Session 15 11am-12pm Defence *2 Spots Available*
Session 16 12-1pm Advanced Attack *FULL*


Last updated 11/27/2017


Location: The Volleydome, Calgary
Price: 45+GST per session

Schedule as follows:

Tuesday Jan 2
Session 1 U12-U14 Attack 12-1pm       *4 Spots Available*
Session 2 Serve & Pass 1-2pm              *3 Spots Available*
Session 3 Liberos 2-3pm                        *2 Spots Available*

Thursday Jan 4
Session 4 Advanced Attack 12-1pm    *4 Spots Available*
Session 5 Advanced Passing 1-2pm    *2 Spots Available*
Session 6 Liberos 2-3pm                       *5 Spots Available*

Friday Jan 5
Session 7 Attack/Armswing 1:30-2:30pm *5 Spots Available*
Session 8 Serve & Pass 2:30-3:30pm        *4 Spots Available*
Session 9 Advanced Attack 3:30-4:30pm *4 Spots Available*

Last updated 11/27/2017

Refund policy: Small Group Training Sessions are non refundable due to the group size. This policy also applies to injury or illness. A refund may be granted if the spot is filled. Please contact Abstract Volleyball directly if cancellation is necessary.