What is STGS?

3-6 athletes practise in a private training group with coach Jesse Knight (18+ years experience incl. NCAA/CIS/Team Canada/European Professional League) Julie Young (7+ years with National Team, Coaching includes Junior National team and CIS Assistant Coach

SGTS are individualized to meet every athletes need, they are for any athlete at any level looking to improve their technical skills; they are for athletes looking to take their development to the next level.

Each session is one hour in length and takes place on a single date. There are multiple sessions per schedule, athletes can register for as many as they like. Cost differs per coach.

Sessions are for female athletes 12-18 years. Previous club experience highly recommended. 
*Advanced sessions are geared towards high performance athletes, please inquire if you are not sure

These sessions are not recommended for athletes with little or no previous volleyball experience

Dates: December 28, 29, and30, 2019
Location: The Volleydome, 2825 24 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 4L6

Updated December 4

Saturday December 28
Session #1 10:00: Serving (1 spot)
Session #2 11:00: Setting for Setters (2 spots)
Session #3 12:00: Jump Float Serving (2 spots)

Due to unforeseen events Jesse is no longer able to attend. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Updated December 4

Saturday December 28 
#1: 1:30: Setting (4 spots)
#2: 2:30: Arm Swing and Attack (4 spots)
#3: 3:30: Serve and Pass (4 spots)

Sunday December 29
#4: 1:30: Advanced Attack: Transition (1 spots)
 #5: 2:30: Advanced Serve and Pass (FULL)
 #6: 3:30: Advanced Blocking and Defending (FULL)

Monday December 30
#7: 10am: Serving (5 spots)
#8: 11am: Transition to Attack (3 spots)
#9: 12pm: Blocking and Defending (3 spots)
#10: 1:30pm: Advanced Attack: Shots (1 spots)
#11: 2:30pm: Advanced Jump Float (FULL)
#12: 3:30pm: Liberos and Defensive Specialist (4 spots)

Thursday January 2
#13: 1pm: Arm Swing and Attack (*1 spot*)
#14: 2pm: Serving and Passing (FULL)
#15: 3pm: Liberos and Defensive Specialists (5 spots)

Friday January 3
#16: 10am: Attacking to Zones (5 spots)
#17: 11am: Blocking and Defending (4 spots)
#18: 12pm: Serving and Passing (4 spots)
#19: 1:30: Advanced Attack: Transition (1 spot)
#20: 2:30: Advanced Serve and Pass (FULL)
#21: 3:30: Advanced Blocking and Defending (2 spots)

 Refund policy: Small Group Training Sessions are non refundable due to the group size. This policy also applies to injury or illness. A credit may be given in lieu of a full refund in cases of injury only. Please contact Abstract Volleyball directly if cancellation is necessary in any case.